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About me

I was born in South London, England. Well, I say London but it’s more accurate to say Suburbia.


After 4 years at university in Nottingham, I moved to North London for a year. I could tell you I lived in Hampstead but I couldn’t afford that. Instead, I lived in a tiny pressure-cooker of a flat in Kilburn.


 After that I did an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Sussex and when I finished, I never left Brighton again. It’s got a strong gravity, this place. I spent a few years working for Channel 4 Television as a writer and editor in their programme support department and then as a newspaper subeditor for The Argus. Lots of headlines about badgers, if my memory serves me correctly.


In 2003, I set up a web marketing agency alongside my partner and we’ve been running it ever since, although it’s evolved and changed a lot over the years. We are now called We Are Togethr and provide an app to help brand employees build their influence online. I am also CEO of Author Spark, a service that helps authors and would-be authors to build their social media presence and influence.


When I turned 40, I realised the only thing I’d ever wanted to be when I was younger was an author – but with business and children I’d parked it in the ‘dream’ pile of life. Something other people did, not me. But there’s nothing like hitting 40 to make you re-evaluate everything, so I decided to write every day until I’d completed my first novel, Beat The Rain. It was published by Roundfire Books two years later.


I still live in Brighton and Hove with my partner, our two children, an insane puppy and chilled out cat. I’m a (lapsed) marathon runner, occasional performer and drinker of coffee and wine. Not at the same time. You’ll mostly find me on Twitter (@nijay).

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